View our work below to get a taste of what pi has to offer…

  • CRCC Competition Washington DC
    CRCC Competition in Washington DC held at the USA Science & Engineering Festival
  • Why Q-Ballroom
    A marketing video designed to assist business websites. Video was shot on green screen using illustrations and motion graphics created at pi Agency.
  • Q-Ballroom Artistic
    The second of two videos for this client, this video featured instructors and students at their best. 
High key lighting and super slow motion contribute to the artistic nature of this video.
 Music composed by pi Agency.
  • Glassdoor Presents Forrester Research
    Glassdoor wanted a video that communicated the benefits of employment at Forrester. 
A one-day, two-camera shoot mixes the interview with B-roll to tell the story.
  • OneVision, Tech Support Simplified
    The client wanted a video ad that did not Hard Sell their service.
 pi Agency choose a narrative format to achieve this goal.
  • Model Capital Management
    The goal of this video was to capture the balance between modern financial services and traditional values. 
We used footage of Boston as an analogy to complete the message.
  • The Concord Grape House
    Our client wanted a process video to show her company at work. 
The landscaping at the historic Concord grape House was filmed over three months.
  • CoderZ NH Competition
    A highlight video for a competition run by our client. 
The voiceover was from interviews conducted at the event.
  • Personalization
    Sales support video to assist business websites.
 Message was delivered by using green screen, illustrations, and motion graphics.
  • Calm Before The Storm
    A stylized presentation of CrossFit workouts.
 Video uses high frame rates to achieve beautiful slow motion sequences.
  • Why Solar Five
    Promotional video for a local business’s website.
 Using the owner’s voice to tell the story helped personalize the message.
  • Krik Krak Telephone
    Krik Krac is a Haitian cell phone company. 
This comedic ad was directed by pi Agency and ran both as a social media ad and a shorter TV ad.
  • Meet Eric Bertz
    The goal of this video was to personalize our client within the context of Financial Services
. The video was shot at four location and uses six individuals in acting roles.
  • We Love Data
    The audience for this video is young teens considering STEM studies. 
The video is light hearted and amuses with both video images and illustrations.
  • Calliope Joy Fundraiser
    We were approached by a local fitness trainer to make a fundraising video. 
The impact of the video comes from Nicole’s unscripted words.
  • Hawk Hill Road
    Highly stylized real estate video featuring an upscale deck house.
 Poetry, time lapse, and the use of natural light adds emotional appeal.
  • Meet Jackie Ross
    An introductory website video for a local personal coach.
 Using a cinematic aspect ratio and professional sound track helps make this video stand out.
  • Sandra Downie Beauty
    Event video for a small business. 
A personal and lively video delivered by the business owner.
  • Shopping Then and Now
    A marketing video designed to assist business websites. Video was shot on green screen using illustrations and motion graphics created at pi Agency.
  • fiddlingliesl
    A personal profile of a local musician. 
The clever use of titles highlights this delightful artist’s story.
  • Montrose Rockets
    An uplifting video featuring a science event at a girls school.
 Shooting with smaller cameras and no lighting helped create a relaxed shoot.
  • VIPKID - Brendan
    One of four quick Social Media ads created for this Hong Kong based tutoring company. 
pi Agency travelled to the tutor’s homes in New England to shoot the videos.
  • Bear Hill Road
    A marketing ad for a commercial real estate agent.
 The entire ad was shoot using one of pi Agency’s drones.
  • Alden Landscape Design
    Introductory website video for a local landscape design company.
 The video is edited to feature the person behind the work rather than the work itself.
  • Finish Your Thesis
    Final video of a three-part presentation for the client’s website.
 Shot on green screen at pi Agency Lexington studio.
  • Nuo DB
    Marketing video for a Cambridge-based tech company.
 Video mixes archival and current video images.
  • Perfect Commerce Experience
    A presentation of a marketing White Paper.
 Shot on location in NYC.
  • Wakatobi Underwater
    Documentary of diving in Wakatobi Indonesia. 
Below and above water footage describes life on board.
  • Lunar Eclipse
    Footage capturing the rare lunar eclipse of September 2015.
 A time lapse video shot on a twelve in telescope.